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How to Clean Your RV More Efficiently: Tips for a Sparkling Home on Wheels

Posted at Thu, Sep 5, 2024 7:00 AM

Keeping your RV clean is essential for maintaining its appearance, ensuring a comfortable living space, and prolonging its lifespan. However, cleaning an RV can seem daunting due to its size and unique features. With the right approach and some handy tips, you can clean your RV more efficiently and effectively. Here’s how to make your RV sparkle with less effort.

Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

Essential Supplies:

  • RV-specific cleaning products
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Soft-bristle brushes
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Vacuum cleaner (preferably portable)
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop and mop bucket
  • Glass cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Dish soap
  • Black tank cleaner
  • RV roof cleaner
  • Wax or polish (for exterior)
  • Ladder (for roof access)

Having all your supplies ready before you start will save time and ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Routine Cleaning: Establish a regular cleaning schedule to keep your RV in top condition. Break down tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly chores.

Daily Tasks:

  • Wipe down countertops and surfaces
  • Sweep floors
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean the sink and dishes

Weekly Tasks:

  • Vacuum carpets and upholstery
  • Mop floors
  • Clean the bathroom (toilet, shower, sink)
  • Dust all surfaces

Monthly Tasks:

  • Deep clean the kitchen (stovetop, oven, refrigerator)
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Inspect and clean the air conditioner filters
  • Clean and sanitize the black tank

Declutter First

Remove Clutter:

Before you start cleaning, remove any clutter from your RV. Put away items that are out of place, and make sure surfaces are clear. This will make cleaning more efficient and effective.


Keep storage areas organized to make cleaning easier. Use bins and baskets to keep items in their place and reduce clutter.

Start with the Interior


  • Wipe Down Surfaces: Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down countertops, stovetops, and the inside of the microwave.
  • Clean Appliances: Clean the inside of the refrigerator with a mixture of water and baking soda. Wipe down the exterior of all appliances.
  • Sink and Faucets: Clean the sink with dish soap and water. Polish faucets with a microfiber cloth to remove water spots.


  • Toilet: Use a toilet cleaner suitable for RV toilets. Don’t forget to add RV black tank cleaner to keep it smelling fresh.
  • Shower and Sink: Scrub the shower and sink with a non-abrasive cleaner. Rinse thoroughly to remove soap scum and grime.
  • Mirrors and Glass: Use a glass cleaner to wipe down mirrors and shower doors.

Living Area:

  • Vacuum and Sweep: Vacuum carpets and upholstery. Sweep and mop hard floors.
  • Dusting: Dust all surfaces, including shelves, tables, and entertainment units. Use a microfiber cloth to trap dust effectively.
  • Windows: Clean windows with a glass cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe down window sills and tracks.


  • Bedding: Wash and change bed linens regularly. Vacuum the mattress and under the bed.
  • Storage Areas: Organize closets and drawers. Dust surfaces inside storage areas.

Clean the Exterior


  • Inspect and Clean: Check the roof for debris, damage, and potential leaks. Use a specialized RV roof cleaner and a soft-bristle brush to clean the roof.
  • Sealant Check: Inspect seals and reapply RV sealant if needed to prevent leaks.

Sides and Windows:

  • Wash: Use an RV-specific cleaner and a soft brush or sponge to wash the exterior. Start from the top and work your way down to prevent streaks.
  • Rinse: Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all soap residue.
  • Dry and Polish: Dry the RV with microfiber towels to prevent water spots. Apply a wax or polish for added protection and shine.

Tires and Wheels:

  • Clean: Use a tire cleaner to scrub the tires and wheels. Rinse thoroughly.
  • Inspect: Check tire pressure and inspect for any signs of wear or damage.

Maintain Your RV Between Cleanings

Quick Cleanups:

Perform quick cleanups as needed to prevent dirt and grime from building up. Wipe down surfaces, sweep floors, and address spills promptly.

Preventative Measures:

  • Doormats: Place doormats at all entrances to reduce the amount of dirt tracked inside.
  • Shoe Policy: Consider having a no-shoes policy inside the RV to keep floors cleaner.
  • Ventilation: Keep windows and vents open when possible to reduce moisture and prevent mold and mildew.

Stay Organized

Cleaning your RV doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By staying organized, using the right supplies, and following a regular cleaning schedule, you can keep your RV looking great with less effort. Regular maintenance and quick cleanups will ensure your RV remains a comfortable and inviting home on wheels. Happy cleaning and happy travels!

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